Writers block.......damn! You would think that that would be impossible considering how long ago the last post was. Such a blur, we released beanies, got in some new colors in the range tee collection and got the prototypes for our new golf bag, new golf shirts and a somewhat contreversial t shirt design. Contreversial, you ask? Yea I guess when you put a cartoon of a slightly trashy female golferĀ rockin a low cut skirt and bearing her midriff people are gonna have different reactions. Her Skramble tattoos rock and seeing this chick on the course would be refreshing in my opinion. Anyway stay tuned production of the shirt is up in the air. Bottom line is we started this whole thing to have fun, so we produce clothing that is fun and unlike what you might normally see out there. Speaking of what you might not normally see, I discovered a little green fruit in my lunch today and like a dumb ass I blindly took a bite. After a bad case of bitter beer face I decided to inquire just what it was that angered my taste buds so bad. My girl told me it was a pear, no way this thing was only about the size of 2 golf balls put together and unless it was injected with vinnegar it could not possibly tasted so bad.I still don't know what it was so if this is my last post you will know why. Here is what I don't understand if my girl was trying to buy me a pear why am I not good enough to get a full sized one.........!
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