Winter golf in Pennsylvania is like drinking cheap beer, its better than not drinking beer however you would rather be enjoying a more quality product. That being said the Skramble crew took to the local muni and discovered the cheap beer was actually pretty good, sunny and in the sixties. In November that is the equivelant of having a Hooters girl as your caddie while you shoot your best round. We generally stick to a match play format considering you can't post scores between October and April in this neck of the woods. Joe, Jim and Rich started out the front nine sporting our Skramble hoodies and flex fits. The highlight of the front nine for me personally was when Jim shanked his approach to the par 4 second hole into another groups golf cart. Noone was hurt and we were not exactly shooting lights out at the time so a little comic relief was welcomed. The match was fairly close with Joe edging out Rich taking 4 of the 9 holes on the front nine. Jim was little help, and ordered a couple of beers at the turn to dull the pain. Steve also joined us on hole 10, after arguing about his handicap and giving some lame excuse about why he did not make the original tee time (we all know it was the whiskey) we continued the match.  I pulled my tee shot on 10 and was unable to find ball. Counting on these guys to see a ball is like having Richie Incognito giving a public service announcement on bullying. The play picked up on the back and the match ended with little money changing hands. As always Skramble crew enjoyed alot of laughs. Don't be afraid of drinking cheap beer!
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