Normal day at Skramble headquarters, filling orders and brainstorming. We did recieve the great news that our golf balls, also known as Skrambled Eggs are in the final stages of developement and could be on the market as soon as next week. We got some prototypes of our winter knit hats / beanies, Steve has been wearing it ever since. He thinks he looks fly, the hats are awesome but it would take something just short of surgery to make him look right. At least his golf swing is as sweet as a pair of K Mart jeans. Eddie enlightened us with a story about how his Dad ran over a phone book with the lawn mower and the debris blew into the neighbors yard. His Dad refuses to clean it up so Eddie has been receiving angry phone calls and text messages from the neighbor. He is freaking out which is awesome. Question of the day: If you write a blog and nobody reads it did you actually write a blog?

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