Crisis averted Eddie's Dad went to neighbors house and cleaned up the shredded phonebook. He stopped freaking out and returned his focus to what he does best, finding stuff on the internet for us all to laugh at. Jim had an eye doctor appointment and I am wondering if my mentioning of his inability to locate a golf ball has anything to do with it. The truth is he wanted his eyesight to be perfect for his all to frequent visits to the strip club. White flex fit hats are going to be in stock Thursday, we sold out of black crazy fast so get your order in ASAP. Rich had an impromptu wing eating contest at lunch when he sampled the tasty terryaki variety. He seemed to be competing against the ghosts of wing bowls past, such focus I have not seen since Curt Schilling beat the Yanks with the bloody sock. He competed against himself and it was a blowout in every sense of the word. Lesson of the day don't let Rich sample your lunch!
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