Weather wise Saturday was the best of winter golf, Sunday was like shooting 130 with your wife on the bag. Windy,cold and greens so hard they could not hold a Mickelson flop shot. Jim and I snuck a round in at around 3:00 unsure if the sun was going to stay around long enough to witness the absurdity of what we were trying to pull off. 18 holes 2 hours and enough bad swings to make you think it was impossible. What a difference a day makes, Jim comes out and shoots a 46 on the front nine equaling my own score. My handicap is 15 strokes better than his so it was the tale of two rounds. We rushed around the course and finished with time to spare. Jim shot a 40 on the back for one of his better rounds, I edged him by 3 strokes but thats not the story of the day. Saturday Jim's swing looked like Kim Kardashian trying to sit in a smart car, just was not working and did not look right. Sunday it was as cool as the other side of the pillow and as smooth as John Elway at the end of a game. Never give up, keep on Skramblin!
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